IllSide Radio interviews Fashawn

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By Odeisel( Founder of and Co-host of IllSide Radio)
The Planet, along with Chicagos own SquareOne of B-Side Radio, have joined forces to bring you the week in review in Hip-Hop and current events, along with the occasional special guest and some music to keep you moving through your day.This edition of IllSide Radio features an in-depth issue with Fresno California MC Fashawn. ; While not yet a mainstream darling, the 22 year old rapper has 10 mixtapes to his credit included the stunning Ode To Illmatic and his intense debut Boy Meets World.We get to the creation of those albums and the mindset behind them. What drives Fashawn and what informs his talent? What goes through your head as an emcee when you put your heart and soul into your music and you see less talented people taking your art for a joke and getting genuine attention> Fashawn gives us insight and names names. What is his place in the New West movement, being from neither LA nor the Bay? And what does he think about Ice Cube and Dres dismissal of this movement. We go all in for an honest and frank interview with one of the strongest rappers of his generation. All this and some of his music to get the unfamiliar, hip on IllSide Radio.So sit back, relax and take a ride on the Ill Side..

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